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Refueling for Recon (AdamKop's 30K Contest Entry) by Shoguneagle

First of all, I don't fallow the Star rating scale. Vision, Originality, and Impact are meaningless words. Technique is the only quanti...

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Refueling for Recon (AdamKop's 30K Contest Entry) by Shoguneagle
First of all, I don't fallow the Star rating scale. Vision, Originality, and Impact are meaningless words. Technique is the only quantifiable measure in the list and is the only one I count toward = 5star.

This is a nice twist on the Blackbird, Beg3000's design made with Kop's render fits together naturally. The simplicity of this design demand pure lighting skill to bring it out, all the gradual transition of surface where rendered in a clear and submissive fashion. Kop is very conscious on the effectiveness of surface, things would look cheap if its too dull or too shinny, Kop always adjusted to be just enough to bring out the geometry.

I would like to see a view on the engine side, and use a little fore shortening, not too much just a little, a pure isometric view is good for measurement but compromises on sensation.
The mark of inferior is to feel good by compare oneself to one's perception of inferior. The motivation behind this is to escape one's own fault by looking at other's greater fault for fact or fiction, which makes an illusion that one's own lesser fault appear to be an "success". AKA "free self esteem with no effort". To such a person, other's achievement is a nightmare that remind them they belong to the one's they mock, AKA "put em to their place". Those whom compare themselves to something worse will eventually set the worse as their goal, because the fact they enjoy the pleasure of relative superior means they are enjoying the pleasure of slipping down, clamp up always is a painful process be it one's own standard or objective. I realized this by looking at how much time some people spend on the fails video, on the brony otaku treikki sonic mockery, on the battle between Gater and SJW. If one despite something as filth, why one must fill one's mind with filth? The more time one spend on an entity the more one become that entity, the more time one spend on mockery the more one become the mocked, those need a constant reminder that they are better than filth are trading off their life to the filth. This is why you see brony and haters grouped in one bundle, this is why you see Gater and SJW grouped in one bundle, this is why you see Feminist and MRAs are grouped in one bundle. To the outsider the mocker and the mocked are connected like two side of the same coin, they belong to each other only they themselves never knew they are. In the end of the day, the two sides talk about each other being dirty overweight virgin nutjobs are all together dirty overweight virgin nutjobs.
NEXUX by myname1z4xs
The first draft was made sense 2009, this end result is the accumulation of countless updates from these years. This was my skill test ground in these years, you can see many inconsistency and disintegration in some of the details. You are welcome to point out the tech flaws you can find, but I will not take any criticism on the subject, I enjoy being politically incorrect.


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